Cardano missing on Ada Lite

I transferred ADA from Kraken (successful) to adalite and there is nothing there. I am using a Trezor Model T which accesses the site fine but I have a feeling all of my ada is lost. I installed the bridge prior to any transactions. Any ideas?

Check the transaction ID to see if ADA left the exchange

It did. Almost immediately.

Check the destination address on

I did. nothing there.

Can u add the transaction ID here?

On Kraken there is a reference ID and an ID that does not give you the full address. The reference address is available in whole.

Have both the ID and reference ID. Which one do you need?

I was just courious, anyway u must check if the receiver address was the correct address from adalite and u will need to contact kraken support; but sometimes exchanges can delay the transactions


I have a list of addresses that adalite gives for my keys. I am not sure if they are renewed which each log on but there is not current address that matches the one that kraken sent to.