Cardano Rewards Schedule for 2020

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Shawn here. Many time you have helped me.

Thanks again for all your help. Glad I also got to see you. You seem to have quite the microphone seriously!!!

Quick question. How can we see which pools have done better than others? Just curious.

Thanks again.

That’s not me!

Checkout and

Lol. Sorry. Thought it was you.

Ouch!. I tried the Pool TRUE and the ROA was 3.07%.

Then I saw this:

# Name ROA 30d Stake BPE Fees Costs Pledge
817. [CRAB] HA pool by tiredpixel 54c55c…21 55.18% 388.00k ₳ 0 0%
+340 17.06% 0
284. [HYPE] Hype Staking 29df06…a5 35.59% 405.01k ₳ 0 1%
+340 18.43% 105.00k
277. [BRAVO] Bravo pool 50a251…2c 19.63% 1.61M ₳ 0 1%
+340 18.43% 260.00k
230. [DRAG] Dragon Pool b71410…50 18.15% 957.81k ₳ 1 0%
+340 17.06% 300.00k
251. [POLY2] PolyPool#2 b3f988…6b 18.11% 856.38k ₳ 0 0%
+340 17.06% 200.00k
675. [MYTH] MYTH 738f01…36 17.87% 407.48k ₳ 1 1%
+340 18.43% 300
339. [MARLN] Black Marlin Investments ed272b…46 17.84% 360.07k ₳ 1 3%
+340 21.19% 141.50k

How can THESE pools be in double digits compared to TRUE?


Any thoughts?

Hi, A question about the rewards wallet. How to transfer ADA in rewards ITN wallet (the ADA used for staking, not mentioning the ADA rewards) into the Balance ITN wallet or just to the mainnet?

against all odds the best pool from your list has produced 3 blocks in epoch 213. that gave that high return. the probability that this will happen again is small so the ROA will now fall, i’m afraid with every consequent epoch.

You can’t do that, it wasn’t real ADA, just tADA (testnet ADA), a temporary copy of your mainnet ADA balance at the snapshot in November.

Those are statistical artefacts, all pool returns will converge on roughly 5% over time.

Ok, it might be again a stupid question. When I created my ITN wallet, I used the amount you mentioned present in the snapshot and revealed in my balance ITN account. Then for staking, I created a Rewards wallet inside ITN wallet, and send the balance amount into the Rewards Wallet. This was reduced from my total mainnet ADA amount, so I dont have it now in my total funds. It is however, present in my Rewards ITN wallet. I dont know how I can put it our from this Rewards wallet?
Am I wrong or missing something? please clarify me I am confused.
Here I have attached of a screen shot from my ITN wallet. As you can see I have about 12.7 K ADA in my Rewards wallet, and 0 ADA in the balance.

OK, I don’t know what’s happened there, all I can suggest is going through the normal rewards redeem procedure and see what happens. If that doesn’t work (I mean for actual rewards, not any additional transfer into rewards wallet), then start a new thread in Community Technical Support, this thread is way off topic now. BTW, the ITN, which is what the wallet pictured above operated on, is effectively dead now, you have to use Daedalus Mainnet (or Yoroi, Adalite of course).

In any case please do not reply again on this thread! Use an appropriate existing one or start anew.