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Hello everyone, it’s been 15 epochs since my node has received any rewards while I have 171.10k in epoch stake and active stake.

I checked the relay server and my node are well synchronized
cardano 1
cardano 2
What could be the cause that I am not getting rewards?
Thank you in advance for your help

You are not getting blocks apparently.
What’s the pool ticker?

Have you run the leaderlog for all those 15 epochs? It may just be a streak of bad luck if the leaderlog also shows 0 blocks for that period.

You can reasonably expect to mint 11.8 blocks per year. A good reward calculator is here. Here you can find general discussion about pool profitability vs. just delegate

Hello, what is the leaderlog ?

Every slot (i.e. every sec) the block producer runs a lottery. Every ADA that is delegated to your pool represents one ticket in that lottery. The total stake (i.e. 23bn) represents the total number of tickets over all pools. Only five percent of the slots are actually used, which makes 21600 blocks per epoch. So, there is a draw from a jug of lottery tickets 21600 times per epoch. If you divide the 23bn from above by 21600 you get the required stake to mint 1 block per epoch (on average), which would be about 1.1m

Input to the lottery is your pool id, your active stake and the vrf.skey, which is the private key for the verifiable random function (VRF). Only you have that key, so only you can run the lottery, but others can verify wether the result that you present is valid i.e. they have the public vrf key.

This happens in real time every sec on the block producer. However, because all input to that VRF is known (to you) before the epoch begins, you might as well run the lottery for every slot in the epoch (i.e. 432000 times) in advance. The result is the exact time stamps that your block producer is expected to mint a block. You get output like this …

$ cat cardano/leaderlog.json 
  "status": "ok",
  "epoch": 301,
  "epochNonce": "c0e8aa015de7703c6fbec6c85a0aafb0974082e1eb4808061ad2e5ef23a2fd62",
  "epochSlots": 15,
  "epochSlotsIdeal": 14.57,
  "maxPerformance": 102.95,
  "poolId": "9e8009b249142d80144dfb681984e08d96d51c2085e8bb6d9d1831d2",
  "sigma": 0.0006744129763041292,
  "activeStake": 16089810845967,
  "totalActiveStake": 23857504839454980,
  "d": 0.0,
  "f": 0.05,
  "assignedSlots": [
      "no": 1,
      "slot": 44673815,
      "slotInEpoch": 5015,
      "at": "2021-11-07T00:08:26+01:00"
      "no": 2,
      "slot": 44712467,
      "slotInEpoch": 43667,
      "at": "2021-11-07T10:52:38+01:00"
      "no": 3,
      "slot": 44766267,
      "slotInEpoch": 97467,
      "at": "2021-11-08T01:49:18+01:00"

Here is how you can run the leaderlog.

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hello is there leaderlog without docker because I installed my node via sources? Thank you in advance for your help

Sure …

thanks for the docs i will try it

hello sorry I only just saw your answer I unfortunately did not understand your question

Your pool name and/or ticker(short name)
For example Alfa Pool with ticker ALFA


Like i said in my first post you are not getting any blocks. Your last assigned block was on epoch 288 so the last time you got rewards was epoch 290 and nothing after that.

You will excuse me, i don’t want to sound harsh but you’ll need to do some reading to understand a few things on running a pool. It’s not good for an SPO to ask what’s leaderlog and ticker. Also 170k total stake is low to get blocks constanly.

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I never said that I know everything about cardano, your comment is not constructive it’s a pity, I’m confident that with a small bet would not have regulated rewards it’s just what I try to calculate to improve my bet

No it wasn’t a pity and i was very polite, please don’t take it wrong. I didn’t say that you should know everything about Cardano as well, i just said that you should do some reading because it’s not good to be an SPO and not know the very basic.

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I never said you were not polite so let’s skip this detail, I am currently analyzing my node and reading the docs to know if it’s still worth to let my node run or not

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It’s a shame that MrProbleme didn’t understand such a valuable tip. I understand perfectly what you mean.

I’ve been studying Cardano for 3 months and just now (since 11/18 I decided to start my SPO (TCRPT). I’m still have a lot to learn and tips like yours and tomdx’s help a lot for those starting out. So I’d like to thank you and ask what you recommend for someone starting now.

I still haven’t had time to create an LP or structure communication channels. I must do it in the next few days, but any help is important.

Tks /|\

yes I misunderstood but we know explained and incident is closed