Cardano Score in FCAS rating

Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS™) is a metric to assess the fundamentals of crypto projects.

Cardano secured an A (attractive) FCAS™ rating. The score is derived from:

  • User Activity.
  • Developer Behavior.
  • Market Maturity.

Each project is given a score up to 1000 and a rank.

Cardano scored five “Superbs” for:

  • Code Improvemens.
  • Community Involvement.
  • Developer Behavior.
  • Liquidity.
  • Code Contributions.

It also secured three “Attractives” for:

  • Market Maturity.
  • Network Activity.
  • User Activity.

Cardano scored 951 (superb) out of 1000 in Developer Behavior metric. More specifically:

  • Code Improvement: 974 (superb),
  • Community Involvement: 953 (superb),
  • Code Contributions: 926 (superb),

with all categories showing an upward trend.

Cardano’s Market Maturity score increased 8.32% in the last six months and secured 806 (attractive) points. Also in this metric category, Liquidity score came at 944 (superb) out of 1000.

Cardano remains attractive in User Activity category with a score of 764. Its Network Activity was also found attractive (793 out of 1000) by Flipside Crypto’s FCAS™ Ratings.

Cardano’s overall FCAS™ rating, Developer Behavior and Market Maturity scores show an upward trend.

For more details about Cardano’s ratings, please click here (login required).



Great thanks for posting!

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thanks, already translated in italian too :wink:

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Great scores! But mass adoption, and so very high scores at users, will be needed to be succesfull. That cardano is one off the technical most impressive crypto we as little coomunity already knew.