Cardano Super Bowl Commercial

Cardano Superbowl Commercial.pdf (63.5 KB)

If this moves you, let’s make it happen!


DO IT !!!


I love this mate!!

Is this your profession? Really creative work.

What’s the plan on funding?

To prepare and then air the commercial? How big budget is needed?

This is really impactful! I love the idea!!

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I have written 3 unproduced screenplays.

All I’ve done is the writing of the commercial (I have one more written and one in idea stage).

If people want to jump in and make the thing that would be awesome!

If Coinbase is about to add ADA, it might be a good idea to get the meme “Trust. Cardano.” into the consciousness of the general public. Beat the other cryptos to the punch.


Is it too early to run tv ads?

Check out @Sonnenshein’s Tweet:

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this is great work. :slight_smile:






What’s your purpose?

What do you want the audience to do?

While it’s professionally written, when I think it through, I’m unclear what your message is.

Maybe it’s… Trust Cardano

Is trust what we need to communicate to the audience? Seems like a commercial for blockchain in general.

I’d like to see a commercial that somehow motivates the audience to investigate how to get their hands on ADA. Most of the audience wont be coffee farmers in Africa… not that this is a bad idea if your intended demographic would be partners of Africa or those in commodities.

Are you working any other ideas?

[My purpose is to spread the gospel of blockchain and especially Cardano.

I want the audience to investigate blockchain and especially Cardano.

Yes, the message is you can trust Cardano. I believe that trust is the major issue at hand. There is a massive lack of trust in the financial institutions and the government, and, well, in people as a whole. I believe the old systems are so corrupt and diseased with deception that the only way to fix the problem is by transitioning to a new system. A system who’s foundation is Truth and Transparency. This is a huge, pervasive, deeply-rooted issue. I feel the best marketing strategy is to plant an archetypal meme (You can trust Cardano) into social consciousness.

The most effective ad campaigns of all time work in this manner: “Got milk?”, “Just Do It.”, “Think Different.” etc.

Yes I’m working on some more ideas.


Very nice my friend

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Besides the budget for the commercial, how much does it cost just to buy a 30-second spot for the Super Bowl? 1 million dollars? Or maybe more these days.

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Why dont you make a Youtube video first?
I think Super Bowl is so far.

It’s about 5.5 million for a 30 Super Bowl commercial. Peanuts.

Why trust :cardano:? First you give one example after another of “violated/broken trust,” cementing in viewers mind “not to trust anything or anyone!” then ask them to trust this thing called Cardano that they never even heard of? They won’t think :cardano: is opposite of those things, they’ll think it’s a continuation…especially if you present it all in a professional/reliable and business like manner…

Go the other way, it’s a blockchain revolution! Its decentralization! It’s people vs corruption vs middle man! we’re the rebels, the under dog, the graffiti artist sprey painting the :cardano: logo with New York, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo as backdrops. It’s people’s revolution, growing from grownd up. We’re the third generation of crypto, its bitcoin…bitcoin…ethereum…etherium…Cardano…Cardano!

We don’t need to explain the whole thing, but we need to catch the viewers eye, and for that we need “the cool factor!” the renegade, the rebel, the revolutionary, the underdog. Once we catch the public’s attention, they’ll educate themselves on it!
It can’t be :cardano: VS something…governments/corporations/corruption/centralization…or even human freaking nature!

It has to be “:cardano:/people” vs something…
:cardano: has to be synonymous with people!
It’s us VS…

that’s my two cents on it…

I like this type of ad

What does a car company have to do with a🌪 a small child, a factory worker and a ballerina? Probably not much, but we’re on board because it’s us vs a giant! We could replace the ending of this ad with Cardano and it would still work! That’s how good it is! But of course our message is much bigger, it’s not just about competition, it’s about changing the freaking world! There are few events in history that separate life into before and after, BC/AD, before internet/ after internet, before Cardano/ after Cardano! This could be the greatest invention of the last 1,000 years, no one know where it can go from here, or what it will evolve into once it’s in people’s hands!

There will be tv shows about this in the future, like “halt and catch fire.” They’ll be making movies about Charles Hoskinson like they do now with Steve Jobs. If anyone from the future reading this…I know, I’m good…the oracle of Delphi ain’t got **** on me :+1:


Great writings Sean. I agree with you.

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We do both. We have the “Trust. Cardano.” ad and the underground, subversive The Evolution movement. I see an army of passionate, energetic, educated (about how the fucked up the system is) young people spreading the gospel of Truth and Transparency of blockchain (esp. Cardano). And yes, this is anarchy, rebellion, against those who have lied to and deceived the public for so long. This is why I’m using the ADA symbolAdarchy in this fashion. There’s also a triangle on a certain fiat bill that would look better if this symbol were there over top of it… ; )

But I feel strongly that the ad I’ve written is perfect. The loss of trust in the whole fucking system, and in each other, is the MAJOR problem that blockchain is addressing. We need to take this trust angle before another project takes it!

Whattya think? Can we muster up enough interest in millennials to pry them away from the screen and get them out there tagging cities and spreading the gospel?

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I don’t disagree with the message, just the delivery. No one can be told to trust something, the mind will automatically fight the idea. It’s like “inception,” the idea must come from within, the viewers must think they were the ones to come up with it!..Peer review? Formal verification?.. wait a minute I’m starting to put the puzzle together…aha! trust Cardano! I bet I’m the first one to think of it! First one to see the whole picture, I’m a genius!

The average viewer is too sophisticated these days, they know all the tricks! Juxtapositions and so one don’t work on them, you have to target their emotions not their intellect. Their intilect is on guard but not their heart! That’s why it was so effective having a kid delivery the message in that Ad!

Forman verification and peer review is great but to be totally honest what got me on board wasn’t all that intellectual Mambo jumbo, it was Charles Hoskinson, I like him,I trust him…therefore I trust Cardano

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Yeah, we plant the meme “You can trust the system Cardano has built” and then those who have had their interest piqued will investigate and come to the conclusion, of their own accord, that the protocol does in fact, build trust.

The commercial does target emotion. I don’t know about you, but when I’m reminded about the 2008 gong show, and all the other gong shows out there of deception and lies, I get fucking pissed! Then the ad closes with a real world use case of the new peer-to-peer monetary system.

Charles is the reason I’m all in on Cardano as well. That’s why he should do the narrating.