Cardano surpasses 4,000,000,000 market cap

We did it bois, making big moves today. Am i wrong in speculating that since bitcoin is down and ethereum went up and then sideways that people are taking profit and buying cardano with ethereum since the fees are lower that way?


You may be right, but there is also the media exposure on the past few weeks. Since Bitcoin reached the 10k mark, all media is covering cryptos and Cardano-ADA is a good entrance to the market. I myself tried so hard to buy ADA. But with so many exchanges envolved and bureaucratic stages, I am very late to the party. Either way, I support Cardano and will be watching it closely.


I wouldn’t worry about it, chances are that folks are going to take some profit. Personally I buy periodically with 3/5 of my weekly investment and use the other 2/5 when I see a dip. If there’s no dip I still reserve that money for when the dip comes. Cost averaging is the only steady way to increase your position. Unless you are a legend at timing the market.


Can’t be wrong in speculating… Or right :slight_smile: it’s just speculating.

Whatever the reason I’m happy for Cardano but I hope the pump n dump traders dont get too much hold over it. I sincerely appreciate the teams “no hype, more science” approach. I want to be supporting a brilliant, boring project… Not a hyped train wreck.


I think Cardano deserves the value it has now and much more. The sad thing is that many of us, people that love technology and good projects, could not get our hands on Cardano. The community, I hope, will sound like the project itself. For that I wish we can be part and have tokens. Anyway, I am trying to get some ADA. :smile:


Why are you unable to get cardano my friend?

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The bureaucracy of exchanges.

Aah yes verification hell I assume?


Exactly. As a player that has been much of the time dealing with theory etc, I found myself unable to verify my account as fast as I assumed it would take. As you said, verification hell all the way.

1 day ago 4,000,000,000. I’m thinking today we reach 5,000,000,000 :sunglasses:. Pretty amazing for a blockchain at this stage of the development. If growth continues like this we will have a bigger market cap than Dash by NYE.


Well I was wrong… 6,000,000,000 now. What the hell.

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Nice, we passed Dash their market cap.

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Completely nailed it, nice work.

Hello to all, it is great to see that knowledge, fundamental & science finally payz off, and i think this is just the beginning. thanks to cardano team they did and will do all the hard work. keep up guys :slight_smile:

This post I made hasn’t aged well :see_no_evil: :joy:


Lol, I’m not sure many of these statements in the crypto space age particularly well, from day to day let alone from week to week or month to month.

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Up up and away!
glad to see and as more projects are unveiled it will only grow stronger!

Great strategy!

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