Cardano wallet empty and no transaction history

I have had my Cardano sitting in a wallet for a couple of years, I know there have been many updates to their blockchain since then, I did try to import my wallet in Feb 2020 to the rewards testnet but it never worked, it never synced and there is no wallet created in the folders. I have a screenshot printed with my recovery key and I can clearly see the balance in the screenshot but when I restored on a newly synced Daedalus it says no transaction history.

It created a Byron wallet i’m guessing due to it being a 12 word recovery key, and I could understand maybe no balance, but there should definately be some transaction history. What is my next best step to take?

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You must be sure if your wallet is byron or shelley (Byron address is 59 characters long and Shelley address is 103 characters long.)… then try to recover again your wallet.
Also check if ur wallet is 100synced

Hey @AimForFreedom

You could try to restore the wallet via and check if you see your balance with that. If not i recommand you to reach out the IOHK support : IOHK Support


I’m experiencing the same issue were you able to recover your funds?