Check my wallet balance

hi everyone , is there a way to check my balance and test recovery phase without waiting deadalus wallet to sync , because it take alotof time ,

You can restore in Daedalus and then just cancel it before it’s done, it should validate and show you your balance pretty quickly, it takes time to sync the wallet with the whole node, but for validation it should be pretty quick. You can also just look at the Cardano explorer and see what’s in your wallet (although this would not directly validate your pass phrase). Also, side note, Yoroi actually restores and transfers the funds very quickly, although it is an actual transfer of funds to a Yoroi address that occurs (if you wanted access to the coins very quickly this is probably the best method from personal experience).

Edit: I just realized you were probably referring to the Daedalus node sync itself and not the wallet sync specifically. What you could do is validate the holdings in the Cardano explorer if you know your wallet address and to test the passphrase you could use the Yoroi wallet to restore from a Daedalus address. It will tell you if your passphrase is valid or not before you commit to transfer the funds, although you will not know for sure that the passphrase is for the wallet that holds your funds until you actually have restored your wallet, whether you do it in Daedalus or Yoroi. I do not think there is a way to load Daedalus without performing a node sync, but someone with more knowledge on the application can correct me.

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Yoroi does show the balance before confirming to import, and one can elect to not go through.
(PS: Another option is to check via adalite - but testing it from Yoroi would be safer :slight_smile: )

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