Check sum number wrong when restoring 100% correct phrase

Hi guys.

My recovery phrase is 100% correct as I used the “recovery check app” on the ledger nano s to confirm it. But when I try to restore it on my iOS mobile Yoroi app, the wrong check sum appears every time giving me the account with 0 Ada.

On my Yoroi chrome extension it shows my Ada has been successfully transferred from my Yoroi Shelly wallet to my new Ledger Nano S Shelly wallet and have successfully staked it.

However, when I try and restore the ledger wallet on my iOS mobile app the wrong wallet with the wrong check sum and 0 Ada coins in appears.

Can anyone help me at all as maybe there is something obvious i have missed?

Thanks guys!

How do u try to restore?
U don’t need the seed words, you only need to:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledger

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply.

On my mobile Yoroi app i click “add wallet (shelly -era)” then “restore wallet” and then it asks me for the 24 word phrase which i know is correct. but thats when it gives me a wallet with the wrong check sum and 0 ADA inside.

No man… the seed words for ledger use only to restore the hw wallet; if u have ledger follow the above steps provided ; do not insert the ledger seed words on other applications

on my yoroi chrome extension it has my shelly wallet and the ledger wallet. how would i get the ledger wallet on my iphone yoroi app? i dont see the “above steps provided”?

I understand you mean for me to do your below suggestion. but i can not connect my ledge nano s to my phone through cable as thats not possible right?

U don’t need the seed words, you only need to:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledger

Can you explain again how i would connect. my ledger nano s to. my iOS yoroi mobile app?

Really appreciate your help so far thanks!

This is the way

You will need a cable - ledger - iphone

Then open yoroi → add wallet → connect ledger

so the cable i would need is a micro usb plugged into the ledger and on the other side a usb c plugged into my iphone? I’ll have to purchase that then. Im surprised thats the only way to do it, i guess thats what i figured the phrase was for to restore onto a new device. every days a school day haha

So by connecting my ledger to my iphone with the cable, I will be able to use the yoroi mobile app to monitor my ledger chrome extension wallet balances / staking? I like the extra security of using my ledger, but want to be able to easily track my balance / staking from my phone.

Exactly :wink: u are learning

Then u can restore read-only on mobile (only for track not for spending ADA)

Open yoroi on iphone → add wallet (shelley era) → restore → read-only and follow the steps

Awesome thank you so much. Ive just ordered the cable and should be here tomorrow. Thanks again!!

You will not need a cable for read only wallet

Haha obviously im not learning quick enough! luckily the cable was only £10. The read only advice just worked a treat! thank you so much. that was super simple. surprised i couldn’t find that on any forums or help pages. thanks again!

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The cable is fine I am sure u will use it :wink: