Convert Shelley Ledger Wallet to Shelley standard wallet

Hi together,
I am new and just started with staking Cardano.
First I created a new wallet with my ledger and delegated my Cardano, all works fine.
But now I had the idea to use my wallet on iPhone/Chrome and dont have the possibility to take my Ledger with me or other situation: what if my ledger is lost/defect.

Is it possible to open/use a ledger shelley wallet without the ledger? I tried with recovering (24 words ledger) on Yoroi, but this does not work.
Thanks a lot!


Yes it is possible, but if you have a ledger device you don’t need to insert 24 words (those are for ledger restore not for yoroi restore). all u have to do is to connect your ledger to phone via BT.

go to yoroi → add shelley walet → restore → connect ledger


Yes, but in my case, I cant use the Ledger because I only have the Nano S.
And I dont want to buy another one.

So my aim is to restore/use the wallet without the ledger.

Yes, but you can’t do that if your ADA are on your ledger… those 24 seed words are for ledger restore not for yoroi.

if you want to have ada on ur phone you will need to create another shelley wallet on your Iphone and to move your ADA from ledger to the new wallet - but it’s NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

PS: in case Ledger crash/lost , you will need to buy another one and to restore it with the 24 seed words