Checking if this is leggit? allowing purchase of ADA with EURO €'s

Hi community, looking at making a purchase into ADA. I live in Europe and was looking at a online company called where I can seemingly purchase ADA for EURO

Can someone on the support marketing team please confirm that this is a legit way to purchase ADA. I do not see Litebit listed on the following webpage

Thank You


@tom.kelly @jonmoss

My personal experience with them is that they are legit. But that’s just my experience, and i would like to ask you to be very carefull anywhere, anytime.


@Andy_Hendrikx @f3rgCod3

Hi Fergus - thanks for posting. New exchanges and sites pose a significant risk to the community. Therefore we’re always very cautious when providing a “recommended” list to the community.

We are aware of Litebite but have had no specific contact with them.

As Andy rightly states, always be careful and use best practice.




There are many ways of purchasing ada and usually I will buy btc or usdt and exchange them into ada then transfer to my wallet. Not sure with EU, but I know some exchanges in UK supports ada/btc. I suggest that google websites with otc services and check customers’ comments? Hope this can help you.

I live in The Netherlands and below is how i purchase my ADA.

  1. SEPA transfer to Coinbase. It takes usually 1 working day to get my euros to my Coinbase account with 0% transfer fees.
  2. Deposit my euro to the exchange
  3. Buy Bitcoin by using limit order types. This order type allows you to buy Bitcoin as market maker so that you dont have to pay any fee.
    4.Transfer my Bitcoin to Bittrex exchange
  4. Buy ADA with Bitcoin.
  5. Transfer that precious ADA to Daedalus wallet.

I hope that help.


Do you find bittrex better than binance ?

Binance and Bittrex are both good exchange. I am not 100% sure but i understood that Binance have slight advantage in terms of fee. At Binance the fees are paid with Binance native token BNB which offers a small discount.

Thanks to all for advice, ya looking at the maths I think I will go with EUR / BTC on Coinbase Pro and then move my BTC onto Binance or Bittrex and purchase ADA / BTC because at today’s current prices, it seems I’ll get significantly way more ADA going @Gabby 's route with my main lump sum than with direct purchase with Euro’s.

Just as well I had setup account and funded a Coinbase earlier this year.

One more question, again newbie here, I take it they’re are fees to use the BTC and ADA networks after I do manage to transfer / move BTC to wallets or would I just move my BTC directly to BINANCE / BITTRIX avoiding additional networks fees purcase my ADA and get it onto a Daedalus wallet asap (as keeping crypto on exhanges for too long is very high risk)?

Withdrawal from Coinbase Pro is free but in any case there’s no need to involve a wallet, I usually send ETH direct from CP to Binance.

BTW, I wouldn’t say keeping crypto on exchanges is very high risk unless it’s long term, say months/years. A few days is fine, IMO.


I got some positive feedback after asking around if someone knows and has used it.
So I decided to create an account and try it out.

atm it doesn’t seem to effectively accept ADA due to “maintenance”