Chinese Cardano community held an online celebration for Cardano MainNet Anniversary


On September 29th, Chinese Cardano community members held an online celebration for Cardano MainNet Anniversary. This celebration was organised by Chinese Cardano volunteers to bring all Chinese Cardano fans together to celebrate Cardano MainNet Anniversary.

Special thanks to @Mihori ,@Revenant_Cardano ,@Hao_Sun ,@kogichain ,@Mandarava ,有能力很神秘@WeChat, Hashash@WeChat, 囤积Ada等退休@WeChat, 红色大巴车@WeChat,
默@WeChat, Tonychen@WeChat who made this event happen.

138 Chinese community members were selected to join the Cardano WeChat group for this celebration. Nearly 10k+Cardano fans were covered in the joyful atmosphere.

The celebration consisted of four parts.

The first section

At 10:00 pm, the celebration began with the greeting from Lei Hao, Chinese Marketing and Community Manager from Cardano Foundation, and a video greeting from Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, sending his greetings to the Chinese community.

The second section

After video greeting from Charles, the celebration moved into the section of Q&A Contest. This session was hosted by Chinese Cardano volunteer @Mihori. There were 10 questions for the prizes, and the lucky draw were held during the break. All the 10 questions were on the knowledge of Cardano project. By answering the quiz, the community got more engaged with Cardano project.

To help Chinese Cardano fans have a better understanding of Cardano project, @Revenant_Cardano and the Chinese Cardano volunteers have localised Cardano Project introduction video and shared with the community members after Q&A Contest.

The third section

After the section of Q&A Contest, WeChat red envelopes were distributed to further reward our members, once again filling the environment with high spirits!!!

The Chinese community believes that VALUE is all about sharing and togetherness. To thank all Chinese community members for their support of Cardano project, the Chinese Cardano Volunteers rewarded community members with WeChat RED ENVELOPE generated from traditional Chinese RED ENVELOPE. The red envelope is a monetary gift (usually with a small amount) which is given to family and friends during traditional Chinese festivals. This act of sharing in WeChat red envelope has shown the appreciation of the community support and significantly increase the user engagements in the Cardano WeChat group. As a result of the intense engagement in the Cardano MainNet Anniversary celebration, Chinese Cardano fans enhance their solidarity as a community and more identify with Cardano project.

The fourth section

Finally, the Cardano Chinese volunteers who organised this celebration expressed their best wishes to the Cardano project and its Chinese community. They wished that Cardano will have “Many more happy returns of the day”.

The celebration event was ended with a few Cardano videos which were brilliantly edited by the volunteer @Mihori.

With this event held in Chinese Community WeChat group, Chinese community members are more closely united. The prerequisites for people to join this celebration were adding “卡尔达诺”, which is the Chinese word for Cardano, in front of their WeChat account name, and replacing their WeChat profile pictures with the Cardano logo. This strategic marketing engagement (138 users with Cardano’s name and logo) had not only showed the loyalty and the solidarity as a community, but also had exposed “Cardano” significantly to an approximately 10k+ Chinese userbase.

With this event held in Chinese Community WeChat group, the Cardano has gained significant exposure in China. On 29/9, there are 720+ WeChat users sharing the WeChat event of Chinese Community’s celebration of Cardano MainNet Anniversary.

With this event held in Chinese Community WeChat group, Chinese community members also have gained a better understanding of Cardano project.


looking forward to next year celebration!!! :grinning:


Your guys WeChat celebration is fucking cool! Looking forward to the next year anniversary! Hope I can get more prize from the quiz and more red envelope!




Fantastic thank you!