Chrome Yoroi 2.1.2 - Transfer Error

About Yoroi

Network: shelley-testnet
Current version: 2.1.2
Commit: 19f8a330f8ba7bdc65f039a0a58f53171d40fcfa

After restoring with my phrase, I get a screen that shows my from my byron addresses to my new shelley address. When I click transfer I get the following error screen.

It happened to me as well, but after several tries I went through

I’ll try again in the morning (Thursday). Thanks @basia

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I don’t have the answer, but I have effectively just reported the same issue:

Will keep an eye out on this thread also for any resolution.

Try clicking “skip” when it asks you if you want to check. It worked for me.

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with the “skip” option the wallet has no funds … I want to upgrade the funds to Shelley for stake delegation … unless you have a detailed workaround, please advice.

I got it to work, but it wasn’t easy. I downloaded the 2.2.1 version of Yoroi, but I had to keep trying. Took about four attempts before my funds transferred to Shelley-testnet.

If you are having troubles, keep trying. I think the the network is fragile at the moment.

I’m happy to report that I’m staking with the Lovelace Community Pool.

Congrats to everyone that got us here. Keep iterating!

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This was my solution :

“First create a new Yoroi wallet on testnet, save the 15 words phrase and then select restore legacy wallet and put in your real wallet phrase. After the restore process is complete you’ll be asked to transfer your ADA from the snapshot balance wallet to your newly created wallet” Lucian Boboc on Twitter.

I have a similar problem. Participated in Nov.29 snapshot. Ada in place in my yoroi mobile wallet.
Now have opened the Shelley testnet wallet. Zero ada. I have tried a small transfer from yoroi wallet to shelley wallet. Error.
I have not seen any ada rewards from the snapshot, nor can I stake. All of my ada is in my original yoroi wallet.
Did you ever find a solution?

You have to restore the 15 seed words from the NOV. 29 snapshot wallet into the shelley testnet wallet version 2.2.2