CNTOOLS Retired pool rewards withdrawal stuck

Hi, I retired my pool in epoch 390, I waited for 2 epochs now and tried to withdraw my rewards and the screen is sitting there and seems like it is stuck, I am using cntools btw.


Select wallet to withdraw funds from

Selected wallet: aymanstake (Rewards: ### Ada)

Funds ##,### Ada
Rewards ### Ada

Also I did not update the cntools script as I was afraid to mess it up during the waiting period

So the question I have are

  1. Can I just crtl+c out of this frozen screen?
  2. Do I need to update the scripts in order to withdraw? btw my my bp and relays are version 1.35.3
  3. How do I verify the deposit has been returned my stake address is

Thanks for the help



the funds/rewards are inside the wallet so of course u can/must close/update de script
also you’ll need to upgrade the node to at least 1.35.4 version (1.35.3 not working on mainnet anymore).

if it is an imported wallet (via seed words) then you can import the wallet in any cardano native wallet via seed words and withdraw the rewards from there.


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Ok thanks Alex, I have already started upgrading one of my relay to 1.35.5 and will make that a BP and try it out.


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you can check for rewards available here ( Rewards Available)

I checked it and the refund is not in the transactions list, the last TX was 01/23/2023 and it was to self and not for 500 ADA! Where would it show that transaction?

500 ADA u will not see as a TX because were not sent to payment address

Oh ok, so how do I verify that it was refunded?

you don’t remember how much available rewards you had before to retire the pool?
I checked and you can’t verify… not showing on

I did a research… and you received it

on epoch 391 you had (stake address) 10,382 ADA


and now the stake address has 10,882.40074 ADA … exactly 500 ADA difference

Ok that great thanks Alex really appreciate it!

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Hi Alex, thanks for all your help, I was able to withdraw my rewards. I had seen somewhere you mention that the last step is to de-register the pool wallet, but when I went to do that after send all the funds out now it is asking funds for transaction gee to deregister, do you know how much is the fee? and do I need to even deregister this wallet?


yeah, you will need ~0,2 for transaction so send 1 ADA back to cntools address
you don’t need to deregister, its not a must but if you will do it you will receive 2 ADA back (payed when you registered)

Yeah that is exactly what I did, thanks again for all your help :smile:

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