Co-building the gears of innovation through the relaunch of Project Catalyst with Fund10


Announcing the relaunch of Project Catalyst and hot on the heels of its 500th completed project!

Fund10 begins on the 21st of June!

This blog post explains the vision, mission, and values of Project Catalyst and the new features and improvements introduced in Fund10. Some of these features include:

:point_right: Milestone-based funding module - UI and workflow for transparency and security
:point_right: The continuous TestNET - enabling the testing of future iterations simultaneously to running funds.
:point_right: A new challenge-setting process allows the community to propose and vote for each fund’s most relevant and impactful challenges.
:point_right: A new proposal submission process that simplifies and streamlines the steps for creating and submitting a proposal.
:point_right: Voting app improvements that enable secure and convenient voting on mobile devices.
:point_right: A new feedback mechanism allows proposers and voters to communicate and collaborate more effectively.
:point_right: A new governance framework that defines the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in Project Catalyst.

Watch out for more information on how you can participate, which we will share in the coming days!

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