Coinbase ADA transfers out not working

For the past week, all my attempts to transfer my ADA from coinbase to outside wallets (yoroi) have failed. I get a pop up saying “ Minimum transfer is one ADA” even though i’m transferring over a thousand. After a week of trying coinbase chat help, I finally spoke to an agent who told me I had only 0.00003 in my account. After i provided him with the transaction hash associated with my balance, he realized there was some sort of error. While he confirmed my balance, he wasn’t able to solve issue and i have to wait to hear back from a higher level agent. Coinbase probably is never aware of its problems because no one wants to wait 2 weeks to reach an agent. Has anyone else had a similar problem with sending ADA from coinbase to an outside wallet? (Please, I KNOW CB sucks, but it is also often unavoidable)


Nope thats the first time i hear about such an issue with Coinbase.

If possible, i always recommand to use Kraken if you have to use a CEX. Best customer support by far imo.


One time has it happened. Firstly obviously ignore any spam PM you may be getting. That’s first. Second completely log out and relog in by actually typing your info (not face scan or PIN number). Complete log out and log back in. See if that fixes it. As dumb as it sounds it’s worked

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Is there any perfect solution..?

So a wild ride with Coinbase. One agent tried to gaslight me into thinking that my account actually had nothing in it, despite all of my ADA and transaction history was clearly visible. How does one have a discussion with someone who tries to deny objective reality? Lol.

After my own sleuthing, I saw that I was actually able to sell, cash out, swap and place limit orders on my ADA. I was just unable to transfer my ADA outside of the exchange. Not one agent spent any time trying to figure the problem out.

I know the case was supposedly transferred to higher level person, but who knows-CB never provides the names or job titles of the staff who correspond via email. I was finally able to transfer my ADA to an outside wallet. I was persistent with CB to provide me details on the source of the problem and what the solution was. Instead, all I got was this reply:

“ The reason why your ADA is not available for the past few days there might be pending open orders that is not yet filled or there’s holds in your account.


Coinbase Support“

What a joke!!!

I opened up an account on Kraken for future use. For some reason, I thought they stopped trading ADA, but that’s not the case. I have always had issues with ADA on coinbase. Will have to avoid it in the future. Thx all

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