Coinbase to Ledger transfer added 700ADA & missing now

Hi I’m trying to help a friend of mine. He transferred 1594 ADA to his ledger last week from his coinbase pro. When he did it he said it popped up briefly saying he’s sent 2399 AdA but he thought it was an error and ignored it. It made him scan his license to allow the transaction despite him having id verified previously and said it was going to delay his transfer 3 days until June 17. On this date it was posted that coinbase was having an issue with delayed cardano sends.

Well the transfer never came through so he contacted coinbase. They gave him the standard “you sent it to a wrong address so it’s lost, sorry” answer and attached the link to block explorer for the transaction.

It’s the weirdest thing though. The transaction shows it went to two different addresses (I didn’t even know you could do that in a single transaction!) and it shows his total sent from his coinbase acct was the 2399. But he only ever had 1594 in his wallet. How is this possible?

My guess initially was that coinbase sent his funds to a holding account of theirs but then never released them. Does anyone know how to figure this situation out?
This is the transaction
Thanks so much in advance for any help! [](https://)

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That’s not, how exchanges work. If some ADA is in some account on Coinbase that does not mean that exactly that amount lies on some Cardano address, only that Coinbase should control at least that amount somewhere on their addresses.

The 2399 ADA came from an input that belongs to Coinbase and does not have anything to do with your friend and the second output of 805 ADA go back to an address belonging to Coinbase to be used by another such transaction.

So, the only thing in that withdrawal transaction that has anything to do with your friend is the output to this address:

And the 1594 ADA they withdraw still are there and it’s the only thing ever happening in that wallet.

If you say that it was shortly visible, it sounds more like the wallet app used by your friend having synchronisation issues or the wallet being accidentally deleted or switched again or something like that.

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