Coinbase Pro ADA deposits taking forever?

I deposited ADA this morning on Coinbase Pro and the transaction now has 873 confirmations! I did get a notification from CB saying it’s been received and will be credited once enough confirmations are done, but it’s been hours now.

Anyone else have this happen? Normally my transfers are done and credited on Kraken within minutes.


Perhaps huge demand on Coinbase and it needs more time;


Starting Today Tuesday March 16, transfer ADA into your Coinbase Pro account ahead of trading. Support for* ADA will be available in all Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions. Trading will begin on or after 9AM Pacific Time (PT) Thursday March 18 *, [if liquidity conditions are met.]

Give it some time. You’ll have them thats for sure.


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Kraken only wants 15 confirmations.

yes, I understand u but Coinbase just added Cardano, maybe they need to tune up more things…

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Did you receive it already? I deposited some ada yesterday too and it’s also not showing up yet.

Nope. It arrived on CB Pro yesterday around 9:30 am CEST and nearly a day later still isn’t reflected in my balance. Granted, I did get notified it came and it shows in my transaction history. But wtf!

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It’s the liquidity guys.

They may have too many orders which may congest the network.

They do warn that can happen.

Don’t worry! IMO they only open the market when all orders are filled, no logic in doing it other way.


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Been about 30 hours now and still waiting on my deposit. This is why I dont use CB normally anyway and prefer Kraken.

Still no deposit here… anyone else?

Finally got mine


Anyone else still waiting for the ada to arrive? Still haven’t received mine

same here. Did you manage to receive it?

When you get your deposits checked please post it. I’ve been in and out of CB and no listing yet.

I’m too waiting, in my case to convert some BTC into ADA.


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I transferred from Binance to CoinbasePRO 5 hours ago. I received the confirmation email, but I have a 0 balance in my account

It’s like Hoskinson well said; CB is like two hands, where left doesn’t know what right is doing and vice-versa…


Received mine with the normal coinbase listing

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Mine took five days but I ended up getting it mine came from Coinbase as well. I had emails and Coinbase was saying sent showed in wallet like five days later

I’ve been using for years. Convert many cryptos for Ada, send to your wallet, 1,2,3, done. Just buy either stable coin like USDC, or whatever you want that is accepted there, and it’s done. it’s also super clear and easy to navigate. Always click “fixed rate”, to not only lock in the rate, but this opens up the return window, where you could put say your btc return address, in case the trade goes sideways, and this way your sent btc will come right back to you. Also there is 24/7 live chat support-real people who are amazing. Hope this helps someone.

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It’s happening to me but on voyager. Over a day and over 5000 confirmations