Consequences to bad faith

This is a hypothetical;
How would you respond to Shelly being pushed back further that’s Q1 2019?

Feel free to create a poll!

Have fun

Good stuff takes time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t argue with you @Mihori, you’re too adorable :heart_eyes:. Fine…patience is a virtue :unamused:

I feel that in order to fully appreciate the complexity involved in launching Shelly, understanding the outcome of launching it is as important as getting right everything that is need to launch it successfully.

Assuming that all that needs to be done could be achieved by Q1 2019, the outcome without considering market conditions will be as follows:

  1. Massive expansion of infrastructure from the 1000 stake pools - relative to current infrastructure. Good for decentralization and capacity.
  2. Monetary expansion of ADA will commence.

Now adding market conditions to this outcome, the market value of ADA may drive what ratio of the unissued ADA is used for staking rewards.

If the market value is relatively low and if there is not much demand for the added capacity then a significant portion of newly minted ADA will be spent on the cost to run the stake pools and relay nodes. Transaction fees will not be enough to pay even partially for the added capacity unless transaction volume is significant. This is not a very good outcome for the network.

Hence, the Timing aspect of the launch, I think, is as important as the soundness of the incentives and delegation protocol and engineering aspect of Shelly for mainnet.

Delay to allow the conditions to be favorable would be a good thing - that is how I feel.