Created paper wallet and when restored - got different address

Hi, I have quite interesting case. Not to mention that lost access to my 66,000 ADA.
On January I have created paper wallet and transferred money to it. Attached wallet document (without of course my hand written words). paper-wallet-certificate_1_8_19.pdf (1.5 MB)
Anyway, it is empty.
I put my hand written words, double checked that everything is OK.
As you can see, on the wallet certificate there is address: DdzFFzCqrhsuqRRT6p9xh16EFoVTCxFtv49MKdDrQuD7o7opBNYKyvxPCcs24KUKQmTiZjLbiAgjJnR1S2TEEnBVSE6njxHt4mBLgJY8
In Cardano explorer you can see that there are 66,000 ADA

Today when I restored this wallet, I got it with different address and 0 balance.
This address: DdzFFzCqrhsk4Y8PMuAtfgME13sk9X4YZobq5UKNcNDaHrVKaVpDxrXESFnzmoj74t7PZ8YuKyUiFCayubJNbowgWqcTNFYFEwnCzTvu

Probability that someone hacked my account is quite low. If it would be hack, someone would need to change on the fly address generated for a paper wallet. Or I would need to have install wallet from untrusted source.

Have you ever heard about case like mine ?
When there was issue with withdrawing ADA from the wallet due to wrong transaction fee calculation I was one of not many affected. Maybe this is somehow related ?

The way Daedalus mnemonics work, if you accidentally enter the wrong mnemonic instead of giving you an error you instead get an empty wallet.
Most likely you made a mistake when entering the mnemonic and if you try again with the correct one everything will work. Worst case you don’t remember your mnemonic in which case there’s nothing that can be done.

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Cześć, mam nadzieję że znajdziesz te 9 słów. Z tego co już nie raz czytałem na forach ludzie mylili jeden z wyrazów. Poszukaj innych pojedynczych słów podobnie pisanych. Wzrok i mózg płata figle. Nie wiem jak przy paper wallet są podawane te dodatkowe słowa ale może zamiast w układzie np 3x3 zapisałeś zamiast kolejne rzędy to piony ?

Clearly made a mistake in the phrase…

Thank you for your help. Had no idea that restoring wallet works in a way that in case of mistake generates some random address. Thank to your help everything is under control. Of course all ADA is going to new wallet :slight_smile:


Also FYI that Yoroi allows you to restore a Daedalus paper wallet in just a few seconds and transfer funds to a Yoroi wallet. If you want your new wallet to still be a paper wallet, you can use the Yoroi paper wallet.