Criticism of Cardano

A commentator called “Digital Dels”, who claims to hold a substantial amount of ADA and has previously vlogged favourably, is questioning the commitment of Cardano and CH to the developing world, suggesting it’s all just marketing. I’ve done one quick reply on Twitter already but I’d appreciate some help to counter some of the things she says. The video is on Youtube.

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Don’t judge by the looks…guess I will. White racing chair, candle, makeup. No wonder she has 370 views.

Watched it. She’s obviously pretty mad for some reason. She caught up on the developing countries implementation promise and won’t let go. If she is really following Cardano she should know that this is not probably even in the top five promises from the Cardano team and it will take quite some time to get there. Cardano has more serious roads to go before that. Although it would be nice to hear from Charles on that matter.

She questioned Cardano’s team transparency and that is quite silly. They are probably one of the most transparent team in the space, she’s not paying attention.

And that blab at the end with Satoshi, where were before these crypto experts… wow!


IOHK is definitely the most transparent team in the space


Apparently Digi Dels doesn’t understand marketing. Like the difference between "design push and “market pull” - In either case rolling out the strategy now for public consumption would not be wise.

Or maybe her $1Billion portfolio is highly leveraged and she’s desperately longing for a return to the brief $1.32 price…


CH responded to her and she’s put up another video. Her opinion of Cardano has skyrocketed! Never mind her though, this is worth watching for the info from CH.

Charles explains how Cardano will be implemented in the Developing World


Also Charles talked about his plan for developing countries in this separate interview:


Digi Dels was also in a Telegram channel for Cardano asking a million questions and complaining that Charles wouldn’t respond to her emails. Charles came on the channel and responded to her as well as her review of Cardano that was posted on-line. I personally feel that Digi Dels (who has a very small following on YouTube) is doing all of this for personal gains so that she can increase her subscriber count. If she can land a “technical whale” like Charles for a live interview, it would be a huge success for her channel. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to be able to ask intelligent questions so I do not think this will happen anytime soon.

I personally have chosen to ignore her completely by not subscribing, watching or commenting on any of her videos. She even made it a point to acknowledge that even a “thumbs down” on her videos is ultimately good for her channel since it shows interaction with her following.

I obviously don’t speak on behalf of IOHK in any capacity, so I will leave it to them to determine whether they would like to engage any further or if they also deem it as a complete waste of their time for very limited gain.

I think Charles has been doing a good job by lining up interviews with some of the more established and popular interviewers.


I am happy to have found this thread as entertaining as it was informative.

It is ok that the world does not understand cardano yet. It means more democracy of access by way of sustained lower price !

And think about 2025 … if a rogue actor placed a $20bn bounty out there for an agi assisted hacker to find an exploit in crypto space to own systems … who would be worried then?

Let’s just say, users of Haskell based chains would have much less to worry about.

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Charles has replied to this video on reddit. I’m quite sure she won’t be interviewing him any time soon. Would love to see that apology though…

You can say whatever you want. If you wanted to engage me with civility, then you could have asked for an interview and I would have gladly come on your show for an interview as I have done without preconditions for almost a dozen people now. You didn’t want to wait and demanded that I provide answers immediately which are not simple and are heavily nuanced.

Then you directly attacked my character and reputation. I’m sorry iohk does not engage or acknowledge people who resort to slander and imply misconduct. Until you apologize, I will not engage with you in any capacity. If you want respect and fair treatment, then you need to provide it in kind.

You can read the discussion on r/CardanoCoin.


Does their commitment matter? It’s really the specs of the currency that determine whether it is useful to/ adopted by the developing world.

Now- sure, it’s possible IOHK’s roadmap could be more helpful to giant communist banks instead of third world free enterprise. But frankly, trying to predict the market response to technical features is pretty hard. Regardless of what the team tries to do, it can turn out differently. They could try to make ADA useful for the military-industrial complex and it ends up financing clean water in the Congo or something.

Cryptographers and capitalists will control the currency in the future anyway.

A speech about development world. But from an other point of view;-)

And while Cardano, what do they do?