Crypto misconceptions and why Cardano is a 3rd Generation Crypto

Hello everyone,
Am I the only one that thinks mainstream media mostly misses the point about what blockchain technology is really about? For example, what are the potential real world applications of crypto and how it’s a fundamental shift from our legacy institutions. A lot of my friends and family still have this perception that crypto is a scam for trafficking drugs or something. I got tired of repeating my reasons why I’m so excited about Cardano, so I recently wrote my first blog series about crypto misconceptions and explained why Cardano is the only true 3rd generation crypto. I got really good feedback so far, so I thought maybe others would be interested in an intro to crypto that cuts through the media hype and focuses on the applications.
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Hello Marvin,

Very nice initiative! My belief is that people need to see crypto solving “Real World” problems (Poverty, Ecology, Sanitation etc.) then they will “connect the dots”. They will see how blockchain automates many functions and how cryptocurrency or Tokens are a boarder-less way to transfer value.

I am aiming for my project to help in this regard, I wish you well with your other blog posts and if you agree I will share on my social media.

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Marvin. I had to stop reading after about two minutes. Your breakdown should be truly inspiring to those reading this who haven’t had much insight or understanding about how the space functions. For Cardano especially. It’s a beautiful breakdown. Now, I’ll finish. Just excellent. And if you don’t mind, I’ll follow your blog!

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Thank you Michael I really appreciate it!

Now that’s a blog!

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To be fair in more recent history BTC is adding additional functionality to move from being a experimental deflationary store of value into something more useful and ETH 2.0 promises PoS and elimination of ludicrous gas fees. Generally speaking as someone who has been creating software their entire life every 3-5 years you need to burn it all down and start over from scratch or else you risk accruing what we call “technical debt” in the industry.

In short, everyone (at least everyone trying to make a blockchain future) is working on being the first adoptable cryptocurrency solution. Cardano took all the ideas based on lessons learned an expanded upon that while starting with a clean slate. I am still extremely judgemental about using Haskell over C/C++ but I am also entirely biased based on my experience. Perhaps RUST can be the compromise of the future?

What is more interesting than speculative gambling and price predictions to those of us writing code since before the internet existed is the technical potential. If we are going to use generational labels I have to say I am looking forward to the 4th generation where nations start backing their own cryptocurrencies such as USC (United States Coin) etc …

However even that falls short of the ideal. If I manage to live until the 5th generation it would be amazing to see what kind of progress we can make once ETC (Earth Terran Coin) exists superseding national governments. Then we can finally start collectively working on getting off this rock and making Star Trek into a historical irony like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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Great work, Marvin. Now I know where to send people to when they have questions. I’ve only started learning about crypto in the last 2 months and your articles are helpful. They provide a deeper insight into the fundamental value that crypto/blockchains have.

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