Daedalus 4.0.4 crashing itself and other running apps

Anyone else having this issue… Daedalus runs for a few minutes and the changes to a white screen then crashes the firefox browser

UPDATE… Rebooted and ran Daedalus again, worked fine for a few minutes then flashed a couple times and my wallets disappeared. Then the opening screen with the 4 create new/import options came up for 30 seconds and then went to verifying blockchain screen for a few min. Now it is just a white screen. I imagine there will be a bug patch soon.

Do you have sufficient memory in the machine? Is the machine stable for applications other than Daedalus?

It seems @adaman1 has the same issue


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Connection problems after update 4.0.4

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on Mac I cannot get Daedalus 4.0.4 to connect and sync at all. Locked out for now.


Running 4.0.4 on Win10 and I get the initial “Starting Cardano node…” and it seems to stall there.

Killed the task and restarted same results.


Probably user error, I have a security client running which may have been blocking Daedalus network access. Although, it had been running fine under 4.0.3. After pausing the security program (Netskope) it came up fine.

I’ll double check and provide feedback.

I am having the very same issue.

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i have been having the same issue windows 10 here

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I am kinda getting tired of their wallet. Always some issue. Now again cannot open the wallet…

I have the same issue on Mac too

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I ended up moving everything to hard wallets in Yoroi then uninstalling and then Daedalus 4.0.4
That worked well except that on return Daedalus the hard wallets were now seen as Byron wallets with zero balance of course so then had to pile the ADA into one wallet while I reset the other wallet. Once one was reset I had to repeat with the second wallet and finally recreate two new wallets back on Daedalus. This all of course caused a break in my delegations so had to relegate and start again with rewards.!

What a nightmare, why can’t developers leave things alone if it’s already working :man_facepalming:t2:

I downloaded flight beta and it worked for a few mins then couldn’t connect. I give up.

I’m having the same issue, have tried to recover wallet many times but keeps crashing. Very annoying!

Was restoring my old Daedalus wallet from 2017. Installed 4.0.5 and it synced all the way to 82% then lost node connection & syncing ability. Restarted node, reinstalled Daedalus & nothing is working. Any suggestions?