Daedalus 4.9.0 not sycing

The last time I synced was about two month ago. After updated it to 4.9.0, six hours later it is still not syncing. Both verifying and Replaying ledger are at 99%, that took hours to get to 99%. But the node doesn’t sync at all. If I click on Restart Cardano Node, the entire process starts over. Such waste of electricity. How can I get Daedalus to sync?

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Does your machine meet the minimum system requirements ?

If it does, you should look in the logs to figure out what is going on.

Hi @javafuel,

Marcin from Daedalus team here. Thank you for the report. Could you please share the Daedalus logs to help investigate the issue? They contain no sensitive information. You need to open Daedalus’ Diagnostics screen, then click Open button next to the Daedalus state directory path, then navigate to Logs/pub subfolder.


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It finally started syncing after a few hours. But it synced less than 0.6% in 6 hours (it started at 96%, my internet speed is 100 Mbps over LAN) so I let it sync overnight. Sometime during the night computer went into sleep mode for some reasons, it only synced another 0.3%.

My Surface Pro 7 i5 8GB no longer meet the minimum requirement for 4.9 and is running on RTS mode. Plus I’ve changed the storage from internal SSD to internal SD card.

Is the log file named node.log? Thanks

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Cardano node log is called node.log, however to investigate the issue fully we’d be grateful if you could share the entire Logs/pub folder (eg. as zip file).

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The folder contains a bunch cardano-wallet.log that has my wallet addresses. I prefer sharing it privately.

BTW, after more than 30+ hours it only synced 2%. Is it normal?

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No, not at all normal.

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