Daedalus and power cut

This could also happen to you. I opened Daedalus Mainnet Wallet (Win10). The synchronization was in progress and the power went out in the apartment. When the power came back on I restarted the Daedalus program and all four of my wallets had disappeared from view.

I chose to restore the wallet. I entered the recovery phrase, it was accepted. I gave the wallet a name and password. Then I clicked “Continue” and got the error message “An error occured”. I was unable to proceed any further. I also noticed that the chain folder had been wiped almost empty. There was only 800 MB, when there should be over 100 GB.

I completely uninstalled Daedalus from windows and reinstalled it. That helped. Unfortunately, it takes several hours for a full synchronization.

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Thanks for the feedback. Are you aware of the lightwallet like Eternl or Typhon?

Can you recommend lightwallet which support the restoration of Byron legacy wallets, because I want to keep the transfer history of the old wallet available? Soon I’ll have to switch to something lighter. Especially if I now have to start backing up a chain folder.

I think there are only a few wallets which still supoorts Byron wallets.

As far as i know there is Yoroi and Adalite which supports Byron wallets.

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I would consider exporting the transfer history once and keep it around as a spreasheet or PDF. Or save the list of addresses you ever used and look up the history on cardanoscan.io (or whatever block explorer is the go-to in the future).

Keeping a 100 GB full node wallet synchronised just for history seems a bit much to me.

You could try adalite.io. Yoroi can only restore it’s own wallets, not Daedalus, as far as I can see (and only read-only on desktop).