Daedalus fails to complete sync then transaction missing (resolved)

This is now resolved but the story might be useful. It’s the latest (1.1.4883) version of Daedalus running on Win 10 Home.

Yesterday I withdrew some ADA from an exchange. While waiting for the transaction to show up in Daedalus the laptop went into suspend mode then failed to awaken properly: the screen was blank and stayed that way despite trying various keys, buttons and combos. So I forced it off by holding down the power button then restarted it. Windows came up normally then I started Daedalus but it got stuck at syncing 99.97%. (After a bit that number gradually fell, but we know that’s normal when syncing is stopped, it’s merely falling further behind the current state of the blockchain.)

It seems clear the problem was caused either during the wake-up failure or by the forced shutdown that followed. I’d bet on the latter. I tried restarting the program and the laptop and deleted the open.lock file in the Wallet-1.0 folder but nothing helped. I looked at some log files but could see no problems – on the other hand, there were no entries (or almost none) following the wake-up failure. So following the advice in the FAQ I deleted the contents of %APPDATA%\Roaming\Daedalus\DB-1.0 (which took a long time, maybe approaching an hour) to force resyncing from scratch.

I left it to run overnight. It went into suspend mode. When I woke it this morning it took just a few minutes to reach 100% then the Summary appeared but yesterday’s transaction was missing.

That had me worried but I closed the program, restarted Windows then Daedalus and when the Summary appeared again the latest transaction was there and the total held was correct.

So I’m now a happy bunny, which seems appropriate at Easter! :grin:

Hope somebody finds this useful.