Daedalus Migration to take a week?

Hello, I have not used or run up by Daedalus for several months, when I did so I was presented with an update. I started this update and then it required me to start a migration. The migration transaction process will a week according to my wallet, it has already been a full day and only a few percent.

Can I stop this ? and download a blockchain, or is there another way to sync this faster ?
Any advice would be welcome.

Same thing happened to me. Assuming you have your seed words, you can safely uninstall Daedalus, remove the data directory (the location depends on your OS), and reinstall. This will sync the chain from scratch and then you can import your seed again.

Another thing to look at is cardano-cli which supports Daedalus seed words. Syncing the chain from scratch and importing my wallet took 7 hours on Daedalus but only 40 minutes for the same wallet with cardano-cli. This is officially unsupported at this time but I personally use it to manage my wallets, check balances, etc. Just don’t use it to send transactions.

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As it’s now been 13 hours the situation might have changed, but if it hasn’t you can force a fresh download of the blockchain instead of the migration by following the re-installation instructions here.


Thankyou, I will give the re-installation method a go, the migration is still going and its been 3 days with another 3 days to go. I will stop this.

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Thankyou I will try the re-installation method.