Daedalus stuck at 94,94%

I see this is a recurrent question here, especially from the topic suggestions to the right of this text box (but they’re all months old, that’s why I’m posting a new topic).

I’ve become used to the datadir wipeout procedure and subsequente fresh sync. It usually works, but not this time.

About two months ago I synced it no problems, it took about 4 hours full sync from zero. Now I’m back stuck at 94,94% and it’s been 15 hours or so.

Are there faster seed hosts I can connect to? Any technical tips to speed this up? Any log files I should look into?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

What you’re seeing could be caused by not having the latest update. There was an issue a few weeks ago that required everyone to do a manual update. If you haven’t already, download it from here: https://daedaluswallet.io/#download

(Best to reboot to ensure prog is not running when installing update.)


Ah! I’ve been out of the loop and assumed it’d update itself. Thanks RobJF, this will likely fix it. Will test later at the office.

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Got the same issue last night. Got an email from support with some helpful stuff. Removed the DB-1.0 file, rebooted Daedalus and it worked like a charm. Syncing after removing DB-1.0 only took me an hour or so.

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When removing the DB-1.0 file, does it need your pass phrase to enter daedalus again? I’ve lost my secret phrase. Thanks!

Answered in other thread. Please don’t post multiples!

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No, didn’t have to enter anything. Removing your DB1.0 is almost like clearing cookies on your browser I suppose. It simply makes Daedalus think “hey, I need to sync again from scratch”.

P.s. agreed. This topic was actually covered in many other threads.