Daedalus Sync Wallet Fix

Okay so I’ve found the solution to MY problem for the connecting to network issue about 2 weeks ago and it was pretty straight forward. I’ve noticed this is a continued problem for most so here is my solution.
It may help you out as well. Its honestly something extremely simple on my end, and it makes sense.

Daedalus runs off a BAT file, not an EXE file;


Launch Daedalus directly from the installed BAT file.
This is located:

  • Start > Programs > Daedalus > Run “Daedalus(.bat)”

When launching Daedalus on my comp, I noticed the icon disappears from the taskbar for a moment and reappears. This is what caused me to remove all shortcuts.
Simple enough. IF this solves your problem, please post a message here!

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I’ve also sync problems with my cardano wallet. The sync has reached 99.90 % but now it goes back 98.40% and so on. I’ve tried your solution but it doesn’t work. Do you’ve heart from other solutions with this issue?
Best wishes from Austria