Daedalus user directory layout

I’m about to update to Daedalus 0.12.0 and after the last update I want this to go smoother and I want to feel secure that I have a backup/recovery solution ready. The layout of my data directory does not look like what I’ve seen described. I don’t have a Wallets-1.0 directory, I have a Wallets-1.0-acid directory. Can someone comment on this image.

The latest Daedalus release is 0.12.1.
The directory layout is alright (updated in 0.12 and higher releases). Seems like it might have already (atleast tried) to update to 0.12?

Yes, I have updated to 0.12.0. Yesterday it asked me to update to 0.12.1. I want to make a backup the documentation says to copy the Secrets-1.0 and Wallets-1.0 folders. I don’t have the latter and I get a little nervous when the documentation doesn’t match the reality.

In addition to the Secrets-1.0 I assume I would copy the Wallets-1.0-acid folder?

And what about this folder: Wallet-1.0-backup-2018-12-19T15_33_25

I did not create that, it must have been created last time I updated. Can that be deleted? Is there any documentation showing exactly what a Daedalus 0.12.0 data directory should be?


Yes, with 0.12, the Wallet directory layout is updated from Wallet-1.0 to Wallet-1.0-acid alongwith backup of old structure created automatically. To summarise, yes, backup of Secret-1.0 and Wallet-1.0-acid is all you would need. The support article will be updated accordingly as well.

(And yes, your directory structure looks correct. Nothing to delete :slight_smile: )

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thank you!