Daedalus wallet addresses render "ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST" or "SORRY, WE COULD NOT FIND ANY RESULTS MATCHING" in Cardano Blockchain Explorer

Am I missing something?
For reference, check by yourself the addresses in the image:

Not really sure whats the issue here but it seems like the explorer is the problem.

If you use Cardanoscan.io you will find both addresses.

Byron : Address Ae2tdPwUPEZCXNotKfUCPMCNMyapUW6EeXtiNhyDjhXjsJF4f24pTRKWqCe - Cardanoscan

Shelley : Address addr1qx0z439ctxw950739u9ntuhw4v8nfkwehh0eq4rglsfh8r7mhjfuvxjec2asxjvh9mkq5frexruc48ac86wrtz5mje5syn3uch - Cardanoscan

Thanks for the quick (and valid) answer. The reason I was asking this is described in my other post: Zero balance after restoring Yoroi wallet - #5 by Alexd1985
Do you think that by proving (to whom?) I’m the original owner of the stake could help me restore somehow my Shelley wallet or recover the stake?

No if you dont have your seedphrase you cant restore your keys to get access again.