Daedalus wallet help

I’m new to Daedalus and I’m having difficulty moving my funds from Daedalus back to Crypto. Com Somehow I did an eternal transfer from “Available” to “Freeze” so I stopped before I messed up further. I would GREATLY appreciate a walk through to fix my issue since this whole thing is still quite confusing to me.

I’ve tried contacting them personally but I get absolutely nothing.

The two answers that I deleted were very obvious scams. Don’t engage with them at all!

And learn how to recognise scams or you won’t be happy in crypto!

So, I don’t really understand what you did and at what point you are.

To send from Daedalus to crypto.com, the latter will give you a deposit address and you just send to that.

But Daedalus does not have a status of “freezed” as far I remember. Or does “eternal transfer” mean that you used Eternl and not Daedalus. That has a status of “locked” as long as a transaction has not been processed.

But “locked by pending transaction“ should not last longer than a couple of minutes until the transaction is processed.

Bottom line: please give a bit more detail what you did in what system.

Those are USDT in crypto.com. That has nothing to do with Daedalus or Cardano and there will be few if any people who can help you with that in the Cardano forum.

Please contact crypto.com’s support (and make sure it’s their real support).

Thank you for your suggestions.