Daedalus wallet on Mac

CoinSpot is looking like in strife, so I want to transfer to Daedalus. Have seen issues with using Macs, are there threads here for me to read to get educated? Thanks


About 30 minutes ago, I installed Daedalus on my MacBook Pro (2015) - Installation was flawless and the program so far has synced 50% of the blocks. I will be proceeding with great caution as I make my first transfer into the wallet. I will update at the next milestone!


I’ve been using Daedalus on my MacBook, and it has been flawless, as well.

Plenty of successful transactions, both sent and received.


Thanks I’ll be sorting that out ASAP

**Update — Flawless installation followed by a successful update of the blockchain then 4 minutes to create a new personal wallet, secure the 12 word pass phrase and initiate a test withdrawal from Bittrex to my new wallet. The transaction showed up almost instantly and had high assurance in less than 3 minutes. Second transaction moved my entire bittrex balance to Daedalus in matter of moments. It was so fast and inexpensive I almost want to move some ADA around just for the fun of it!!


Well, I have been watching a spinning circle after clicking download on my Mac for 4 hrs now? Is that what i should expect?

How long did it take to download?

The initial download package is only approx 80 MB. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to download. Once that installer package has been run and set up, the actual block chain will need to sync with the software. I’ve read the chain is approx 2 GB in size. The time to sync will depend largely on your internet bandwidth. I have a fairly good connection and the entire block chain was loaded into my software in about 45 minutes.

If you are stuck downloading the initial installer pack, I suggest cancelling that download and starting over.

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Yup…same thing…I just shut down my MacBook & restarted then PRESTO my Dae-Wallet works GREAT!

Check out Daedalus’s F&Q page

Been running it on my Mac since it was released on Bittrex, block sync will depend on how fast your connection is so there’s no firm answer to that. Open it up every week or so and it seems to sync up fairly fast, but initial sync could take longer. Considering that some wallets take days to sync up it doesn’t seem bad at all.

Hi all i’m new here.

I’m just wondering if there is a preffered anti virus software for a mac and the wallet?

I have read that some anti virus can give false alarm. I was thinking of going with norton, but i have no real preference really.

I have coins in the wallet …I tried updating to new wallet & now its stuck “connecting to network” …will my coins be lost if I retry downloading the wallet again!?!

It runs great on Mac and I use High Sierra 10.13.3

If you use the search feature shown as a magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and type “Daedalus on Mac” you will see nearly all the articles on this forum related to Mac.

No, they’re on the blockchain, not in the wallet.

Thank you… I finally got it to work

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daedalus(0.10#dev.1548) my daedalus shown these after I’m update today. am i correct version on what I’m updating (latest update)?

Yes, that is the same version number my Mac shows and it’s the latest download.

Just a suggestion, can you all make sure that your firewall is turned on, you can find it under System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

I would hate for anyone to lose their ADA.

hi. Im try to restoring a wallet but I’m stuck on 22% for few days still in sync process…