Daedalus wallet recovery with 25th passphrase

Hello is there anyone who used extra layer of protection on your legder wallet through Daedalus. That one which is called 25 th passphrase. How to restore it on Daedalus once it’s been deleted or after update it need to be recovered. I see only three options 12 words 24 words and 27 words.
25 Is non of them. Or they will ask me after I complete 24 words?

Hi @GieJer the 25th word is called the “passphrase”. It is not part of the 24 recovery words needed to restore a shelly wallet in daedalus. This 25th word is set and configured in the trezor wallet itself (not in daedalus).

So yes you just restore using the 24 words than we you need to create a transaction your trezor will ask for this 25th word as a added security layer. I hope this helps.