Daedlus wallet help



traying to active my wallet after install, the syncing block stuck and not moving.

and idea way? any help?



Hi @Likeida
You will find your answer here, along with other potential issues you might have in the future. There is the content of a folder to delete, called DB-1.0 :slight_smile:

I would recommend to restart your computer after you’ve deleted this folder. You should also be aware that the 1st time, installation can take up to several hours as you are downloading a full node behind your wallet


Hi @CosmosX
I found the way to do it, and its working now, thanks again for your help

thank you very much for you response,
I search in all folder and i didnt find a folder call DB-1.0
In the folder TLS - I found other folder call -CA- and in side there is a folder call db but in side there isnt any other DB-1.0 folder.
I dont think this is the right folder. isnt? you can maybe please point me more?