How to install Daedalus and safeguard your ADA

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Here is a quick installation video of Daedalus.

If you want to safeguard your install process, I highly recommend you to check out Ricks content.



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I am frustrated as hell, in regards to the Daedalus Wallet truthfully for me it sucks, I have over xxxx ADA in my wallet and it does not sync at all only at 98.3% and freezes, its been now 3 WEEKS and tech support is something else, I have done uninstall to stall, then I am getting this and what is so shocking is this fact, if I did this according to the tech folks- you need to delete the content of the DB-1.0 and the Wallet- 1.0 folder.

The DB-1.0 folder contains 1.6 million files so it will take quite some time, are you serious, why even have this if its not important? Now how do you do this in the first place, I am not tech savy, I asked for someone to remote on to my computer and I get nothing. THIS MUST BE FIXED NOW, I can’t even buy Cardano at this low price, so I am frustrated. and I need to get this open ASAP.

Thank you

I would recommend that you delete the contents of the DB-1.0 folder. Delete it even if it takes some time. These files are important. After deleting this folder, restart Daedalus. Let it run overnight. Your ADA is safe. Don’t worry about that. Just complete the deletion and reinstallation process. If you still have issues, open up a support ticket on the Daedalus site.

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There are quite a few post’s that deal with this same issue.

One thing that helps to get community support is to give all details that you can possibly imagine would help them with giving advice, like are you using windows or mac? just knowing that would help a bit, What version of Daedalus are you running? This is also best to be addressed in

If someone understands what path you need to take on your computer to get to where the files are they can explain it to you so that you will understand it better.

This is generally a bad idea within the crypto space, most honest people would fear being on someones computer remotely just to avoid any possible negative claims that could arise from it.

I recommend you take the time to look at this section of the forum and find one of the similar topics to your issue
Also the Help Centre is a good place to find answers

Good Luck!