Deadalus SMASH: Solving InvalidUrlException

I have updated my Pool Meta file and the hash I get from the URL matches the one submitted.
All the pool explorers (Pooltool, Cexplorer, confirms the Hash.

But the SMASH error log is showing:
“cause”: “URL parse error from for pool15fxktqvd92sq8plh3rjdrksumt9p8rzsayfk4akv2hng5r8ukha resulted in : InvalidUrlException "pool15fxktqvd92sq8plh3rjdrksumt9p8rzsayfk4akv2hng5r8ukha" "Invalid URL"”,
“poolHash”: “f06c26e560a1395007149ef13dc7301348a77f43f67ce9f504f0be571cc59e6e”,
“poolId”: “a24d65818d2aa00387f788e4d1da1cdaca138c50e9136af6cc55e68a”,

while my meta file is stored at the following github raw link:

and the submitted link to the ledger-state is:

Can someone help explain why the shortened URL I’m provided is invalid?

I would like to resolve this SMASH error to start showing up again on Deadalus and Topology.json (explorer)

I waited a few epochs in hopes that it refreshes but the errorlog is showing the same error daily in the SMASH query.

Thanks !

Maybe its not working because its not a https url …

I will do this way
Change the file name from poolmeta.json to meta.json and it should work with github link

something like that… (u know… the file can have different names… not a must to be poolmeta.json)



I’ve submitted a new registration with a different URL to see if this fixes that problem. I used tinyurl this time around… I was using it during my testing in Testnet (and also in preview)

I hope this helps with the SMASH error I’m getting… will update here the outcome