Deadalus wallet crashing while verifying the blockshain and, never got shelley recovery phrase


I have problems with the daedalus wallet. I do not have recommended hardware but before the last update this wasn’t a problem but now its just keeps crashing and i can’t reach my wallet. I tried to restore my wallet but then i found out that for the shelley wallet you need a 24 word recovery phrase and i only have the 12 word from the byron one… I do have my spending password for the shelley wallet but i can’t remember that i ever got a shelley recovery.

Do other people have this problem? Please help

If you didnt migrate to a shelley wallet, you can simply restore your byron wallet via and then migrate to a shelley wallet if you want.

Are you meeting the minimum Daedalus system requirements ? If you are not Daedalus will crash.


Sorry i was panicking. I forgot i put my phrase in a safe…

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to buy the hardware/system requierements now.

Thanks again