Decision time for BTC and ADA

I hope that’s the case, because I’d love to see an elongated value stocks and crypto bull cycle as well. Time will tell, even though I do keep a rather bearish profile aa long as the world economies are printing more money, and have no ways to control inflation. Interest rates will have to rise at some point, and by the looks of it it’s gonna be sooner than later.

1 Like made such a strategy a big win, but sometimes it backfires too (see Tron). On the otherhand, those campaigns are not usually sustainable, i’ts mostly a pyramid scheme which you have to keep pumping money in to keep the hype alive. When it crashes, it will crash down hard.

I am more comfortable with Cardano’s approach when it comes to marketing, nothing extravagant, but solid, variafiable work that speaks for itself


Hm…but this is a lame approach in this times, era. My point of view… too much FUD is out there for Cardano. It makes damage. If you are who you say you are then you take those steps according to the strategy and philosophy but it depends who is behind suggesting, persuading and pitching proper idea to communicate with us in this times to CH.

sure ecosystem cardano is expanding @ a good pace,all the charts dont work like ta,fibonacci etc etc when charles comes with big blue adoption i wait for mcdonalds,starbuck,amazon,alibaba etc etc then cardano moons above10$,dish is nice but a small fish need moby dick whales​:whale::whale:

Hi Salem, what do you mean with this?

mean big partnerships with blue chip company’s that are in the top of the dow jones,s&p 500 and nasdaq rankings thats what charles &team must look for this booms price of ada above 10$:boom::rocket::wink:

We need to see less of Hoskinson and his mouth and more emphasis on quality marketing. After all I thought that they used McCann? They should speak up and tell CH to step back a bit.
I am 50% down and a bit concerned but believe in the project overall.
But if smart contracts and incoming dex/dapp launches dont make a difference then I am off!

I agree with you completely. If you are so groundbreaking then show it… It benefits investors. You attract fresh money and keep ones that invested before happy. CH need better PR.

Yeah, even though the focus seems to African governments instead of the blue chips…In anycase, if whole governments adopt ADA, more companies will follow suit as well. Also, I tend to think that many big corps don’t want to deal with ADA because of it’s high level of decentralization (thus harder to manipulate/control)

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Good luck with that :sweat_smile:

Yes, CH has certainly charisma, but sometimes would be better if he was more diplomatic and strategic with his statements.

Can you imagine in one if CH youtube sessions we see behind him a sexy cleaning lady in a playboy costume? and CH totally ignores her. That would be for me a great statement a total cliché geek factor.

LOL, I can bet you a million $ADA that CH ignored many many chicks over his lifetime ;))


Ha, the irony. Are these all euphemisms for profit by any chance?!

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I think we wann see value = projects quality. Price of ADA is below its inferior competitors. When will many project affect the value of ADA… It is nit logical that we see this kind of price movement since beginning of September…

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Its so undervalued all things considered and you would have thought the price would have bottomed out but thats clearly not the case. There is definitely manipulation at play. Yet another death cross.

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I think we need to get CH a woman. Is there any good escort service in Colorado? I believe the ADA will go up then. If this doesn’t help maybe Voodoo.

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I do not believe that Cardano will reach $0.80 even in the most pessimistic scenario. But still good technical analysis George. It makes sense.

The crash is looming)

Time will tell, I think it may be the absolute bottom, but of course I hope we won’t get there anytime soon

its stil cheap ada after 5 years you wil say dam why i didnt buy🤦‍♂️1.30$ and less
bargain price😉