Dedalus problem

Hi. My name’s Luca. I have a problem with Dedalus. It can’t connecting to network. How can i do?

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Hello! Have you previously successfully launched Daedalus, or is it first time attempt?

Hi. I did used dedalus already. But now the progam tell. E that you can’t connecting

I am actually having the same issue. Continues to say “Connecting to network”. Running High Sierria 10.13.4 (17E202) and I have always successfully connected to the network before the update.
Logs have been submitted.

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@Lubos I had the same issue, go to the Deadalus website directly, and just install the new wallet without uninstalling everything (this worked for me in mac)

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@w0lverin3 beat me to the solution :slight_smile:

I think I beat you to it :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

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I downloaded Daedalus last night and it is still syncing blocks this morning 7:45AM EST (@54% as of this post). This is my first time and jjust wondering if this is normal.

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS I have a Mac

Yeah, it’s normal, but it greatly depends on your HDD\SSD and internet connection, tho. I got full sync in about ~6 hours on my ~50 Mb\s wi-fi and SSD mac

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Great. Thanks!

I have the same issue with High Sierra. On High Sierra, the app does not install successfully giving a Failure at the end of the installation.
On another Mac running Sierra, the installation went fine and the wallet runs smoothly.
On Windows 10, the installation went fine and the wallet runs smoothly.

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Just a quick question: is it recommended that we delete wallets and restore them for security reasons? Or is it OK to just keep the wallets as long they are password protected? Thanks again!

There’s inevitably a trade-off between security and convenience. Yes it is more secure to delete the wallet then restore when required, but depending on frequency, that will be too inconvenient for many. For this reason it is not generally recommended.

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Makes sense. Thank you, @RobJF

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I solved my problem with the dedalus portfolio. It was the computer that was formatted.

Thanks. Luca

As @RobJF rightly stated - it is only your decision. IOHK will always recommend things that will be suitable for a non-technically-savvy users, so they don’t harm themselves by trying to do some hard tech stuff.

If we assume that you generally want to minimise the possible attack surface - deleting those wallets that you only use for storage would be a normal idea. Now you can create even colder paper-versions for such wallets.

But if you have a “spendings” wallet that you fairly often use to send coins - deleting and restoring them would only introduce inconvenience and possibility of messing up a lot of cold-stored keys. Secure spending password would be a sufficient protecting for such wallets.

It’s the same as with normal money. If you have a large sum that you will not spend soon - you would want to place it in a secure storage, like a bank case, or a safe. But it wouldn’t make sense to put your everyday spending-money in a bank vault, and then trying to get it out every time you want to buy an icecream :slight_smile:

So large amounts in a cold-storage, and small amounts in a wallet - would be a fairly good rule of thumb :slight_smile:

Very well said. Thank you, @vantuz-subhuman

Hello. I have a big problem and I need a solution please.
send yesterday 15,225 ADA of binance to my daedalus wallet and nothing appears to me.
I’m very scared please

Please stop spamming and finally create a new topic about you problem. (Context: Missin ADA after restoring the wallet)

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@Angel_Relova Please create a new post for your issue or follow the Daedalus wallet Help Centre details.