Delegating a partial balance?

I’m always cautious when moving assets around between wallets for the first time. I like to test the process first. I have a “balance” wallet created with the total amount of ADA I had in my Daedalus Wallet on 11/29. I’ve bought more since so the new ADA is not moved over and thus my balances don’t match between the two wallets. OK.

I’d like to create a “test” rewards wallet with just a small amount of my total ADA. I don’t see how to do that. The docs don’t show that. Is that correct that I have to delegate all to a chosen stake pool?

Within the Test Balance Wallet containing your snapshot ADA balance you great a Reward Wallet and can transfer whatever amount of your Snap shot Balance to it. (Minimum 10ADA for staking).

Your main Snap shot Test Balance Wallet should have a big red prompt screen directing you to create your first Reward wallet.

Then you can stake that to whatever pool you choose. To stake to another pool you must create a separate Reward Wallet, transfer another amount of ADA over to it, and stake from there.

I must be missing something because I do not see any options for moving anything less than the full wallet. Maybe I would have to create separate wallets in Daedalus before restoring them to Daedalus ITN?

But how do you get your ADA “restored” into this reward wallet? When creating a balance wallet you enter the restore phrase for the wallet you want to put there and I don’t see any option for moving anything less than the full wallet.

Then when staking to a pool there is no options for staking a partial balance to a pool. It’s all or nothing. The documentation is right here.

Beginning about page 20 it talks about staking. No options for staking a wallet to more than one pool that I can see.

Hey Duane, if I understand correctly you had your Daedalus Testnet Wallet with the correct Snap Shot Balance. You have 1 Reward Wallet set up to which you had transferred your Testnet / Snap Shot Balance.

From there, with Daedalus Testnet open, on the lower left there should be an +Add Wallet with which you can creat a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc Reward Wallet. each will have its own name and 15 word phrase + spending password.

(This is kinda of a pain for me hence I only have two Reward wallets at the moment whereas I think on the mainnet I would like to delegate to 10 or so different pools.)

You can then transfer whatever amount you want from the first Reward Wallet into these subsequent Reward Wallets and delegate from them independently.

Duane, You can always delete the Testnet wallet from your computer, reinstall it, and start the whole process over. As I replied to you, I just noticed that my reward wallets are now empty - though the rewards themselves are still in the delegation center - and I’m probably going to have to restore all three wallets again.

OK, that makes sense. THAT should be in the docs.

I’m still waiting for my first stake to pass the time requirements. Then I’ll try this.