Splitting up Stake into Several Wallets for the current 1

Is it still possible to split up my stake from the current 1 wallet which existed at Shapshot time say it had 400 ADA & create 3 new wallets and transfer 100 ADA into each wallet?

What are the steps?


Good Question!
Having 2 or multiple rewards Wallets will give you chance to delegate your stake to more than just one pool.
In Daedalus Incentivized Testnet Wallet after you have recovered your snapshot ADA and have a balance wallet it will give you the opportunity to create a rewards wallet to allow you to delegate your stake.
I initially had all my ADA in one rewards wallet, I had decided to split it in 2 myself for testing all it takes is to create a new wallet and then you will be able to send funds from one reward wallet to the other which will allow you to stake your ADA on separate pools, these wallets will have their own Seed Words which is important to keep record of so that you can recover any rewards earned during the test period
1.Click the wallet button in upper left corner of the application.
2. Click on the create new Rewards Wallet Button,
3. Generate a receiving address in your new wallet with no funds, now you can send ADA from 1 wallet to the other and stake with 2 pools if you like. I suppose you can have as many wallets as you would like I have not tested those limits myself.

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