Djed support in LEDGER?

Can someone please, initiate for Djed to be supported by LEDGER much like as ADA do?

You are able to store your DJED on your Ledger, but DJED is not supported by Ledger Live.

This means you can manage your DJED with your hardware wallet, but you have to use a 3rd party wallet like Typhon or Eternl to send/receive your DJED.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll start exploring that.


Feel free to reach out to me if you need any addtional info. :+1:t3:

Hi Zyroxa, I have chosen the Typhon (website) wallet. I managed to SEND 5 ADAs from my NUFI wallet into Account#1 of Typhon and it went through okay, but when it comes to Djed, I assume that I’ll have to use Account#2. I’m confused because it seems to me that all of these default accounts are for ADAs. Mind you, I also have DJEDs in my NUFI wallet. How do I proceed?

Hey @Portukid

No you can simply send your DJED at the same address you just sent your ADA to. On Cardano every token is a native Cardano token, this means they will be treated equally.

Ok thanks.

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Thanks Zyroxa, I have successfully secured my Djeds in my cold wallet. Your help is highly appreciated.

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You are welcome mate. Glad you were able to manage the situation :+1:t3:

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Hi Cardanians, I believed that I was smoothly sailing saving my DJEDs on Ledger Nano X through the process previously discussed. But, I have a problem now swapping back few of my DJEDs back to ADAs using PYTHON and MINSWAP. After through all the authorities/confirmations within Ledger, the last step in PYTHON returned an error saying “…hash mismatch”. What I suspected was my habit of installing every new updates of Ledger Live and lately about 2 weeks ago, re-installed a firmware update of the device which required “re-installing of all my accounts/cryptos including ADA”. If I am right, is it possible to fallback? and will it solve the hash-mismatch problem?

I dont really think that thats the issue.

So you are using Typhon, a Ledger Nano X and Minswap correct? As a first step, make sure you have everything updated with the latest updates.

as second, are you able to sign any transactions with that ledger and that specific wallet you mentioned?

Thanks again Zyroxa for replying. Yes, I was able to add ADAs to my NUFI wallet from Ledger live, was able to SEND ADAs to TYPHON with Ledger. I will check/update with the latest updates of all and see how it goes.

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Hi Fabian, you are right again. I made sure that everything were updated with the latest updates, then voila, it worked. Again thanks, cheers mate.

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Glad to hear and thanks for the update!