Dumb question: Does the grayed "used" address mean I cannot use address anymore?



Feel free to send me ADA for being brave enough to ask a dumb question. I hope my question helps everyone!


TLDR: If someone tried to send ADA to the above address, would it work? Or do I need to generate an address because that address is already used?


Well, I donated another 4 ADA to myself and it worked, so apparently this is not some sort of nonce. I guess you guys need to make that more clear. The UI is minimal, but it feels prohibitively minimal. I’m looking forward to new features, though.


Yes, the option to create and save an address for specific uses isn’t added yet. Right now it creates a new address when the previous address gets used. The wallet will always keep the keys to the previous addresses. And when you restore, the wallet will find the previous addresses with balances.


Is there a lower level API we can use? I am thinking of something similar to geth; where I can run arbitrary procedures in the javascript console. I noticed you are using Electron. Is there an API in the browser console that could just be used directly?

This has the potential to be very convenient. As a developer and a user, it’s nice to be able to dig into the chrome tools when I need to.

Presumably, the apps you have users build in this Browser 2.0 will be using the very same Javascript API.


There are APIs but the flag has to be on. You would need to go through the documentation.