Eastern Townhall Việt Nam - 24/02/2024

  • Việt Nam có 24 dự án được fund trong fund11 của dự án Project Catalyst, cụ thể các dự án được fund như sau:

:point_right: 10 Marlowe contract templates - the real life use cases

:point_right: [FIMI] Free Marlowe Course for Vietnamese

:point_right: [FIMI] cardano.vn - Cardano information portal for Vietnamese people

:point_right: Hydra Course for Non-Native English Community Developers

:point_right: [FIMI] Plutus Pioneer #4 - Translating video dubbing in Vietnamese

:point_right: IOG Reasearch Paper Library for the Cardano Vietnam community

:point_right: “Together Learning Haskell/Plutus in native language” Club

:point_right: [C2VN] Accelerate Atala PRISM learning and adoption in Universities

:point_right: Live-Coding Haskell (Cardano’s Smart Contract Programming Language)- Bring Thousand of Developers to Cardano Ecosystem with 30 Live-Coding Sessions

:point_right: Cardano Asia TikTok Channel (Maintain Japan, Vietnam, New English version) [TIKTOK_CA]

:point_right: Cardano For the M₳sses: Age of Voltaire Edition.

:point_right: [C2VN]: Cardano developer club in Universities

:point_right: Plutus Smart Contracts online course for non-native English developers

:point_right: [5PC] Cardano Education Video on TikTok for the Vietnamese Community (@mink_crypto)

:point_right: Community Platform to teach, test & certify Aiken, Plutus, Opshin & offchain languages for Cardano

:point_right: dRep TV Hub - Connect 100 dReps with thousands of Voters (Japanese, Vietnamese, English) [TIKTOK_CA]

:point_right: The decentralized e-commerce platform utilizes Smart Contracts on Cardano to address current e-commerce challenges without the need for third-party intermediaries

:point_right: Bamboo - Smart Support App for Cardano Ecosystem Users

:point_right: Tamper-proof Certificate System

:point_right: Cardano for Good - a dApp Fundraising Platform for Social Good Projects

:point_right: CareBlock: Empowering secure healthcare transactions by Cardano (Hiep Tran)

:point_right: Dualtarget for ADA-Holders (Staking and increasing assets) with a decentralized automated trading bot
:point_right: Researching and manufacturing a Point-of-Care Real-time LAMP prototype with IoT and Blockchain integration for rapid disease analysis
:point_right: Classified Smart Contracts for Distinct Use Case dApps

  • Đây là một tin đáng mừng đối với cộng đồng Việt Nam vì số dự án của Việt Nam được nhận quỹ đã tăng lên đáng kể so với những fund trước đó.

  • Phòng họp Eastern Townhall của Việt Nam được diễn ra mỗi 2 tuần 1 lần cùng với các nước Indonesia và Nhật bản là nơi các chủ dự án có thể chia sẻ về ý tưởng, tiến độ dự án của mình.

  • Link cuộc họp ngày 29/02/2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-rCzA0_lqM