Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the Febraury 24th Catalyst Africa Town Hall

The Catalyst Africa Town Hall was held on February 24th, 2023, with Vanessa C. as the resource person who provided insights into the various Challenge settings in Catalyst Fund 10. The event aimed to demystify the Fund 10 Challenge settings and help African startups and Changemakers to understand how they can access funding and support for their innovative solutions.

Vanessa C. started by providing an overview of Project Catalyst, which is an experiment in community innovation that provides a framework to turn ideas into impactful real-world projects. She highlighted the aim of putting the community at the heart of Cardano’s future development and explained how startups can benefit from the Catalyst Fund 10 Challenge settings.

She then proceeded to explain each of the 10 Challenge settings in Catalyst Fund 10 in detail. These Challenge settings included;

SPO Tools & Community Project

Startups & Onboarding for Students

DAOs <3 Cardano

dRep improvement and onboarding

Building on NMKR

Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystem

Products & Integrations

Products and Integrations could cover the following;

OSDE: Open Source Developer Ecosystem

Developer Ecosystem - The Evolution

Vanessa C. emphasized the importance of startups, organization or individual understanding the relevance of each Challenge setting to their mission and goals before applying for funding and support.

The event was informative and engaging, and provided startups in Africa with valuable insights into the Catalyst Fund 10 Challenge settings.

It’s very important for the African Community to apply for the Challenge settings that align with their mission and goals and emphasized the importance of innovation and addressing real-world challenges in emerging markets.

The next Catalyst Africa Town Hall will be held on March 10th, 2023. The recorded video of this event is available on Youtube and can be watched here Catalyst Africa Town Hall (24th February 2023) - YouTube and interested parties can send an email to Catalystafricatownhall@gmail.com for more information.