Exchange deposit ADA transaction from Typhon Wallet


2 days ago I intended to do a bybit deposit. It was a test deposit with a small amount of 15 ADA and a second accidental deposit of another 15 ADA so 30 ADA in total. Bybit did not register the deposit. Address was double checked, its a correct one.

Whats odd is that the balance on shows 0 balance but it shows a tx history of 30 ADA. So I doubt its the exchange’s issue but rather a tx / blockchain issue.

Can someone help me understand this? See the screen shot from the cardanoscan if that helps. The wallet interface used for this was Typhon via hardware wallet.

Luckily its only 30 ADA but i’d like to do another deposit with my intended amount which I’m afraid to do now.

Cheers, S

Where did you copy the receiving address from?

From the exchange deposit page.

That is rather an indication that it is an issue with the exchange. Not only did your transactions arrive at the deposit address. They were also moved further by that later outgoing transaction.

That is a transaction that can only be initiated by the entity holding the keys for that address. Exchanges typically do that quite quickly to move deposited funds into their large wallets of funds from all their customers mixed together. And they definitely should credit it to your account on their site in that moment.

Only other possibility would be that it was not a deposit address of your Bybit account for some reason, but still an address, where someone has access and is actively monitoring.

All good, the amount is shown on an exchange, it was hidden due to a small amount. This thread can be deleted.

Thank you

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