Finally at 1$

Now put sunglasses,ship has sailed away on loong and nasty sea…


Don’t forget to pack a spacesuit and moon boots!


while I appreciate your enthusiasm, focusing on the price is not what we ought to do. Let’s focus and talk about the value Cardano provides, the talking points Charles goes over in his interviews… the price will reflect our commitment to it in the long run.


True, and while you make a fantastic point as did Charles, the talking points made are for the later stages of the project. As the true value would be able to use the Cardano platform for smart contracts , fund great initiatives with the treasury and pay for goods and services anywhere in the world with the debit card with the crypto of your choice using the daedalus wallet.

I think there is some merit to breaching the psychological barrier of one dollar.


Most people will remain focused on the price of cryptocurrencies,
because this is still the only thing that really works. Are smart
contracts ready for production? Trading digital assets? Filesharing
like IPFS or anything of that kind? No, nothing! Not in cardano, not
in Ethereum, nowhere! Nowhere anything more usefull seems to be

This is still the only thing that really works: »Put a ledger onto a
distribruted network and send coins from Adam to Eve«. It is not
more than what Satoshi Nakamoto invisioned with bitcoins. Of course,
we all know about the huge spectrum of possibilities that might
emerge from this basic idea. But after some years, I still see not
much more than crypto currencies at the moment. This is why most
people will always focus on their price, most people are just
pragmatic. They do not live in the future, they live in the present
time. And they want to make some money the easy way. It is human
nature, and it is understandable.

Interesting enough: Even the trading of crypto currencies already is
enough to drive most blockchains to their limits, also the early
version of cardano-sl. What a good testing case that is!
Scalability, social impact, usability, avialability, everything is
undergoing its first serious integration test, just by the huge
demand on crypto currency trading.

Maybe it is not enough to tell those people to »stop looking at the
price«. Maybe there is much more to learn from them: They are
pushing development, they have the highest demands, they are pure
energy, natural greed.

I also look at the price way to often. Maybe I should not, but I do …


I feel ya. I do believe the core (Ouroboros), barring any major unforeseen flaws, will permit them to scale past what any other currency so far has been able to.

One of the many things I like about Charles is his intuition about what works vs what doesn’t - for instance, him scouring the earth for and letting top notch FP/Haskell programmers telecommute on the project… is the #1 thing that will help this project succeed. Without a good team, you’ve nothing.

The “stealing” of ideas, is another thing - they unashamedly rip off anything that has worked so far… As loathe as I am of comparing Charles to Steve Jobs, this is exactly what the cult leader…excuse me, Apple founder had going for him - a knack for picking off tech that has withstood the test of time, reintegrating it and polishing it into something that works. In this sense, I think what Charles et al is doing is very much akin to how Jobs ran Apple. I think this is where the similarity stops though. Charles’ & et al’s motivation in creating this is unlike anything Jobs ever imagined… and unlike the majority of the get-rich-quick currencies’ founders motivations out there. IOHK, the team and Charles should of course be amply rewarded for taking on this herculean risk/task, however it seems to me that their focus is NOT the reward… or the self promotion. I could be wrong here, projecting, then again… aren’t we all when we’re betting on this, without being domain experts? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing so honestly.