Find my ADAs


i need help. About 2 years back i have bought some ada but i cant find them anymore and have forgotten where i send them to. Is there a chance to identify the platform?

TxId b470d13b76dd2ba4fac4a5665127a3ce2a15bd90dffdc6e1a844c97a26588a9fcopied
Address DdzFFzCqrhsrhzAm1EFPnctWx6FiuDatCVaT7xEzsnTYv2zJ5UXb5BW4SR3FSmKJeptrgBUwWXtD2a9o1ZvSm8ZKLza1sVCycKyRyFWe
Date 2019/06/13 22:32:43
Symbol ADA
Quantity 1,599.00000000

That’s a byron era address (prior to shelley which is current) DdzFFzCqrhsrhzAm1EFPnctWx6FiuDatCVaT7xEzsnTYv2zJ5UXb5BW4SR3FSmKJeptrgBUwWXtD2a9o1ZvSm8ZKLza1sVCycKyRyFWe

Do you have the wallet recovery phrase?

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Could be daedalus? Do u have the original PC where daedalus was installed first time?