Flight Client Feedback Thread?

He Guys,

would it be useful to create a flight client feedback category?

Sure. Just use this topic.


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Just some feedback about my own syncing times

16% in 3 hour

So this means 100% syncing would take more than 18 hours

Computer specs:

  • windows 10 Home 64 bit
  • intel core i5-4200U @ 1.6Ghz 2.3 Ghz
  • HDD
  • Download 37 Mbps
  • Upload 23.9 Mbps

It’s also nice to include your connection in Mbit and if you have a HDD or SSD.

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5.2% per hour

  • Win 10 Home 64
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 @ 2.66GHZ
  • SSD
  • 17 Mbps d/l
  • 0.9 Mbps u/l

Edit (next day, after switching off overnight): it seems to be running at around 8%/hr now.

Intel NUC miniPC
Ubuntu LTS 18.04
Intel® Core™ i5-8259U CPU @ 2.30GHz × 8
SSD / 16Gb RAM
35 Mbps d/l
10 Mbps u/l
Full sync from scratch : 1 hours
Wallet sync : ~10 min

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Restart isn’t speeding it up for me, but support said slow syncing still exists for some

I suffer from testing fatigue and frustration at the moment…Today it won’t connect anymore

I’ll wait for production ready wallets

I didn’t track the initial blockchain sync very well, I watched for like 3hrs before I went to bed. Now that the initial sync is done I’ve left it on for long periods of time. Flight would be running but not focused and I would periodically check on it, several times already Ive recalled the Flight window to find it stuck at 99.96% or so in syncing. All of the node indicators at the bottom are green but the progress is seemingly frozen and since Flight sensed an issue, the help banner shows at the top. I can close and reopen to solve but I will try the restart node button next time to see if that also works.

Win 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 3900X
64GB Ram
NvME Solid State Drive
Poor Internet Speed: 18ish down, >1 up
Full Sync from scratch: NA
Wallet Sync: 1m 20s average